S*Tigerögas Norwegian Forest Cats

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2 years old

Title: Champion
Colour: Black mackerel tabby & bicolour white
NFO n 03 23
Genotype: A-D-ooiiS-
Sex: Female - neuter
Health: HCM - normal (December 2007, June 2009, September 2011)
GSD IV - homozygous normal

PK-def - N/N
Born: October 11, 2006 in Forshaga
Nickname: Saia 
(Elektra is a fictional supervillain and anti-hero from
Marvel Comics. Her weapon of choice is a pair of Sai)
Father: S*Rockringen's Besame Mucho
HCM normal
Mother: IC DK Starkadīs Cirkeline
HCM normal
Breeder: Johan Asp & Maria Asp Magnusson

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Saia's first litter - O-litter
Saia's second litter - P-litter
Saia's third litter - R-litter
Saia's fourth litter - T-litter

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